From Windows to Contacts – 3 Uses for Acrylic Plastic

From Windows to Contacts - 3 Uses for Acrylic Plastic

Clear acrylic plastic is a resilient, moldable material that, when uncolored, is almost as perfectly transparent as glass. It’s ubiquitous in many modern products, so common that you might not even realize how often you use it.

Windows to the World

Because it’s strong and flexible as well as clear, acrylic plastic often is used as a substitute in places where glass would be too fragile, dangerous or heavy, such as:

  • Airplane canopies
  • Boat windshields (since it’s waterproof as well)
  • Helmet visors
  • The transparent partitions around skating rinks
  • Aquarium tanks

Medical Miracles

Acrylic plastic is non-toxic and durable enough to be safe for medical purposes, such as making dentures and hard contact lenses.It’s also been used to make ocular implants to treat cataracts.

Lighting Up

Acrylic plastic can be shaped into lenses which effectively refract and redirect light. It’s often used for the lenses that focus automobile headlights into a directed beam, as well as the much larger lenses of lighthouses. When laser-cut and used in windows, sheets can act as a “light shelf” to bring sunlight more deeply into buildings and better illuminate a room with natural daylight.As well, acrylic plastic panels and light covers are used to soften and diffuse the glare of fluorescent lights.

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